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Fully automatic drilling for increased productivity and reduced cost

  • Provent Automatic Technology
  • Description

    Automatic Return
    Once drilling is completed and the slug is ejected from the hole., the cutting bit is quickly retracted. This quick drill motor retraction allows the user to move onto the next hole more quickly.
    Built-in Motion Sensor
    If any lateral movement or excess vibration is detected, both the drill and the feed motor stop. Nitto Kohki is the first company to incorporate this feature into magnetic base drills.
    Self Feeding & Load Detection
    The feeding is controlled by an onboard microcomputer. The feed rate begins slowly and then increases to the appropriate speed for the cutter size and load condition. The load detector clearly shows the amount of resistance on the cutter at anytime.
    Step Feed
    When cutting through difficult materials, the load sensor will automatically activate the Step Feed Program to help penetrate material.

    Distributor Nitto Kohki, Nitto Kohki Indonesia
    Power Source (Single Phase)
    220 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Electric Drill
    Rated Power Consumption
    Rated Current
    No-load Speed
    Hole Capacity
    Hole Diamater
    Plate Thickness
    One-touch Type JETBROACH 35L
    17.5 to 40
    9 to 35
    One-touch Type JETBROACH 50L
    17.5 to 65
    9 to 50
    One-touch Type HI-BROACH 25L
    18 to 35
    9 to 25
    Magnet Holding Power

    9.800 (1.000)

    Magnet Dimensions
    100 x 200 mm
    Power Cord Length
    5 m
    26 kg