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Compact and cordless operation, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

  • Weight only 7kg with battery installed
  • Compact size allows drilling in tight spots
  • Description

    Reversible Feed Handle
    Feed handles can be positioned on the right or left side for ease of drilling and mounting in confined spaces.

    Top Level Safety
    Highly Sensitive Sensor Equipped : side slip and inclination detected by a built-in sensor.
    Self-check Function : The machine checks for faults itself.

    Powered by Lithium-ion Battery
    Using the Lithium-ion battery it takes about 90 minutes for a full charge.
    Sufficient charge (95%) can be achieved in just 45 minutes.

    Distributor Nitto Kohki, Nitto Kohki Indonesia
    Battery Pack (Lithium-ion Battery)
    NBL18006 (18V 4.0 Ah)
    No-load Speed
    Hole Capacity
    Hole Diamater
    Plate Thickness
    One-touch Type JETBROACH 25L
    12 to 17
    6 to 12
    One-touch Type JETBROACH 35L
    17.5 to 27
    6 to 20
    One-touch Type HIBROACH 25L
    12 to 15
    6 to 12
    16 to 27
    6 to 20
    Magnet Holding Power
    5500 N (561 kgf)
    Magnet Dimensions
    65 x 126 mm
    Cutter Position Adjusment
    Pivot Side to Side
    10 mm
    Straight Front to Back
    10 mm
    18 V DC
    7 kg