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The versatile drilling machine with top-class power

  • Accepts various cutters for diverse drilling
  • Advanced electronic control for efficient drilling and operator safety
  • Description

    Slow Starting Function
    Slow speed at the beginning of boring will securely set a hole cutting position.

    Two Speed Electric Drill with Speed Adjustment
    Optimum drill speed adjustment can be made to bore a hole on difficult-to-cut materials or to securely set a hole cutting position at initial cutting stage.

    Shift Lever
    Automatic Stop Function
    As the drilling load increases, the load indicator will change in color from green to red. In addition, if excessive feeding force is applied, the load indicator will rapidly blink red and the rotation of the drill motor will slow down and stop.
    Built-in Motion Sensor
    If any lateral movement or excess vibration is detected, both the drill and the feed motor stop. Nitto Kohki is the first company to incorporate this feature into magnetic base drills.
    Automatic Restart Function
    If the load is released while the load indicator is blinking red, the drill motor will resume its rotation.

    Fail-safe Restart
    The magnetic field will become active, but the drill will not re-start even if power is re-supplied after accidental shutdown. The LED will blink green at this stage. Drilling can only be continued after turning on the drill switch.

    Distributor Nitto Kohki, Nitto Kohki Indonesia
    Power Source (Single Phase)
    220 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Electric Drill
    Rated Power Consumption
    Rated Current
    No-load Speed
    Hole Capacity
    Hole Diamater
    Plate Thickness
    One-touch Type JETBROACH 35L
    17.5 to 40
    13 to 35
    One-touch Type JETBROACH 50L
    17.5 to 65
    13 to 50
    One-touch Type JETBROACH 75L
    17.5 to 55
    13 to 75
    50 to 100
    13 to 75
    One-touch Type HI-BROACH 25L
    17.5 to 35
    13 to 25
    One-touch Type HI-BROACH 50L
    18 to 35
    13 to 50
    Twist Drill
    Max. 32 mm dia.
    Magnet Holding Power

    17.000 (1.733)

    Magnet Dimensions
    110 x 220 mm
    Power Cord Length
    5 m
    30 kg